The Empty Chair dialogues 2014

The Empty Chair Dialogues: a dream with open eyes.

It all started when I heard about a woman walking into the sea to take her own life, leaving behind a note were she explained why she did it. She couldn't cope with what she saw on the news everyday anymore; a world full of hatred, injustice and greed wasn't a world she wanted to live in anymore.

This touched me profoundly and made me think about what we all see on the news day after day, and the devastating effect it can have.

Before going to sleep each evening, I forced myself to watch the news of the day on different channels, wondering what it would do with my unconscious mind.

While recalling my dreams, these images and words kept coming back.

Dreaming with open eyes, I was compelled to give them a visual voice.

In an unoccupied space we face ourselves.

Yes that is your chair.

The stage is set, our play is opposites.

The normal sense of time is lost.

So we dream with open eyes.

The soil where symbols grow

fascinating… or threatening

we act on those in-sights.

Something does go on between creator and creation,

and shadows are heard.

Imagination? Self expression?

To recall a dream, be aware of contrasts.

*Please use headphones to have the full experience.*