Crumpled Canvas

Crumpled Memories, ink and charcoal on crumpled canvas. 33/43cm; 13/17inch framed  (unfinished series)

I found some canvas that I kept in my studio for years.

That canvas was still my grandfather’s, my mother’s father, whom I had never been allowed to meet. He died before I was born. My grandmother left his studio untouched for years. When I was still at art school I asked if I could take some things with me.  A small roll of canvas was one of the things I took with me and have always kept.This series of monochrome crumpled canvas works are made with that canvas. Memories of an artistic

grandfather I never met but heard stories of. His persona was clouded in mysterie and rarely talked about for whatever reason. But he was my hero back then and this series is me honoring his existance. Vague and mysterious memories of a grandfather I wished I could’ve known.

                      Fragments (3x 30/40 cm canvas, ink, charcoal)

                      Fragments (8x 12/17cm canvas. ink)

Fragments (20/30 cm, canvas, ink)