Karolien has recently begun to explore a new theme in her art centered on circumambulation and Buddhist practices. In this new series, she depicts her ideas and insights with ink on paper and gold leaf details. This is a departure from her previous focus on themes of vanishing and decay, and it demonstrates her versatility and willingness to experiment with new themes and mediums in her art. Karolien's art invites viewers to delve into the mysteries of the past, ponder the meaning of time, and ponder the themes of decay and the fragility of memories.

Circumambulating, or walking around a sacred object or site in a clockwise direction, is a common practice in Buddhist philosophy that is thought to bring spiritual benefits. This practice is frequently performed at temples, stupas, and other sacred sites, and is sometimes accompanied by mantra chanting or prayer recitation.

The act of circumambulating is thought to represent the circle of life and the cyclical nature of existence, as well as the practitioner's spiritual journey. It is also thought to promote peace and mindfulness due to the focus on the act of walking and the repetition of the ritual, which can help to clear the mind and cultivate a sense of presence.

Circumambulating is also seen as a way to pay respect to the sacred object or site and to show devotion to the deities or principles represented by it in some traditions. It is frequently performed as a form of merit-making, with the mindset that the positive energy generated by the practice will bring the practitioner blessings and spiritual growth.