Gent 123- Piano 2014

123-piano is a musical project that brings people together through live music and provokes spontaneous interactions. The 2nd edition takes place in Ghent from August the 14th ‘till September the 28th 2014.

I've been animating walls in abandoned buildings for a few years now. 'Talking Walls' is an ongoing project . This however was my first 'talking piano', and I loved doing it! fun times. This piano will be placed in a little park in a multi cultural neighborhood - I happen to live in that neighborhood too :) - in the city of Ghent (Belgium).

Eight artists received an invitation to turn a piano into a piece of art. Without any restriction. The sky is the limit. Each piano will be displayed on a special location in Ghent. Everyone who crosses one of these pianos will have the chance to play a tune.