Memories, ink on crumpled canvas, 5 paintings unframed, 100/140cm; 40/55inch

Intriguing detail: when she depicts the objects from her past, the objects that are still real, she crumples the canvas when it is finished, while with pure memories like the livingspaces from her past, those that never can be real or accurate again, she will crumple the canvas before painting on it.

Perhaps it is an indication of the fact that reminders are, by definition,

inexact from the outset, before they actually take shape, even before they actually take place. Determinism.....

The series forms a fault line in Karolien’s work, which used to focus almost exclusively on’ stop motion’ videos and photography.

Nevertheless, it also lies in the extension. The central theme, the decay that time inevitably brings with it, the search for what exactly remains of the passage of time, whatever meaning it may have, is clearly also evident in her videos.

Frederic De Meyer,