SensoryRite Youtube

Documenting a creative process

The process is posted twice a week via video on Youtube.

The goal is to start the project in June 2019 and will last at least 6 months. (if and when I find the necessary funding)

I question authorship in a non-normative way. What is the effect for the co creator? What is the effect on my artistry?

In the meantime I already created a youtube channel with the aim of having enough committed participants (subscribers) before the start of the project.

I chose to integrate my channel into the ASMR community. In this community the focus is mainly on sound and not on image.

Since I will remain the performer and creator of the videos, it seemed interesting to me to attract people from all kinds of backgrounds to my YouTube channel.

The memory of sound, 'sound memories' is the temporary working title.

The intention is that the viewer will give me suggestions on what a specific memory exactly means to them, can I reproduce the sounds through images? The sound of drawing / painting material?

It is not the intention to accurately represent the sound, but to reproduce an emotional image and or sound.

Can we as a group reach a consensus and determine what the ideal sound for a memory could be.

Does this still need an image or not? This is the starting point. I leave it to the public to decide which way we will continue.

This is unexplored territory for me and it seems very interesting to investigate.

Before the project "Sound Memories" starts, I'm growing the channel with video's exploring ASMR sounds with drawing materials.

In search of the best drawing sound...