Talking Walls Cities

Karolien Soete




Talking Walls - Belgium



Visit at least one city in every province.

Each visit (between 7 and 45 days) should result in the creation of a local stop motion animation.

The city and/or the building, or your company’s positive history and contribution to the community will be the inspiration for the movie.

Citizens are welcome to follow the evolution of the stop motion (live cam or on site) and

are invited to give their input on what makes their city so unique.



A Talking Walls shortfilm picturing the different cities/provincies in Belgium, each telling their own unique story.


What I'm looking for:

Location, location, location...



Partners, organisations, businesses who can help me find interesting places and want to incoporate my stay/residency in their

cultural program.




What are Talking Walls?


The surroundings of the wall that I will paint, the history of the building or of the neighborhood in which it stands, will be my primary source of inspiration for the mural. I will research the past of the location, its meaning through time. I will then combine this story with my personal inspiration and my own understanding of the place. Images will appear on the wall, and then disappear; figures will make room for other figures; landscapes will grow and then fade as if to tell a story of inner turbulence. I will photograph each step, and this becoming of the mural will be the story line for the stop motion animation.

My challenge will be to provide the wall with a visual voice, to materialize the images that are buried deep in its brick, cement, and plaster; and to combine this in an animation “If this wall could speak”. The process of making the mural is in itself an interesting artistic event. The process can last one week , or up to 45 days, depending on the size of the wall, and the time I am given to complete the mural. Obviously, the more time I have to work on a wall the more it will reveal.

At the end of this process the wall will return to its original state, and no trace of my visit will remain. The wall will reveal its story only during my presence, a brief moment in its recent or ancient history. My interaction with the wall is a performance, a life painting that evolves constantly, and displays at any given moment a particular sequence of the wall’s story. The stop motion art video of the process, a few key sketches made during the research period and the mural will be the remaining witnesses of the project. Black ink, black and white acrylic paint and a few brushes are the only materials I will be using, together with the original color of the wall.



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