Touch me, touch Me Please 2019

Karolien Soete

Soap sculpture, vintage Sunlight soap, lifesize

(work in progress)

Touch me, Touch Me please 2

20 soap sculptures are placed in various environments. I announce it as a co-creation art project and give people the choice between:

1) Keeping the work in an airtight box and in a safe place.

2) Place the work in a visible spot, in the living room or office, where it will react by environmental factors (humidity / drought)

3) Use as soap

It is possible to change their first decision during the weeks.

For example, a sculpture can first be used as soap and later exhibited in the house/space.

Every week a photo is taken of the state of the artwork.

The participants are aware of being the creator of the sculpture and are determining what the final product will be.

After three to four months I retrieve the works.

Then I ask why they have made a certain choice. What the effect, influence was for the person / household / environment / non-profit organization. Whether they can call themselves artist or co-creator and how the bond between them and the artwork has grown.

Everything is documented and can later be viewed as part of an exhibition.

copyright © Karolien Soete